Fast API development using Scalatra and squeryl


So many great frameworks over here and not enough time to test them all !!

A giter8 template that creates an sbt project for these great frameworks :

  • Bootstrap : Don’t need to present this one !
  • Jquery : Obviously everybody knows this javascript beauty
  • Scala : Functional programming language
  • Scalatra : Web application framework in scala (sooooo easy to use !)
  • Squeryl : Scala ORM for several relational database
  • FlywayDB : Database migration framework

This template also includes several plugins :

  • eclipse plugin
  • IntelliJ idea plugin
  • proguard
  • several JDBC drivers (mysql, postres, h2, jtds, derby)
  • sbt assembly
  • jerkson
  • joda-time
  • specs2


Open a console and:

The ‘.g8’ suffix is implicit so you could also do:

You will now be prompted for each parameters… I know there are a lot, and they aren’t logically ordered (I don’t know why) :7

Once everything is ok (you can leave everything by default) :


Then just open a navigator and go there http://localhost:8080 and you'll have further instructions.

Have a nice day !

3 minutes SVN server
Spring – Cassandra – Firebrand ocm

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